Product Usage

Many businesses directly benefit from the use of disposable gloves. In multiple professional situations today, gloves have come to be expected if not required.

Protecting both employees and the general public they serve, savvy business owners will choose nitrile disposable gloves as a convenient, affordable and health-conscious solution.

SafeWear gloves are now being routinely used across a variety of diverse industries, daily.

Medical Practices and Healthcare Centers

Perhaps nowhere is there more common an association with disposable gloves than in a doctor’s office. Keeping things sterile and safe is routine in every healthcare situation, so SafeWear gloves make the perfect choice for all kinds of doctors and their associated staffs.

line workers with gloves on

Restaurants and the Food Service Industry

From health concerns to keeping flavors free from mixing, disposable gloves play a crucial role in every food service situation. Whether serving fast food or fine dining, the people in-touch with every morsel can be safely protected in SafeWear gloves.


Janitorial/Cleaning Services

Coming into constant contact with harsh cleaners, bleach and more can be devastating to the hands of any cleaning crew. SafeWear’s disposable nitrile gloves produce the protective layer that keeps your employees safe in any situation.

salon worker

Salons and Spas

Beauty and hair care is a hands-on business, bringing employees directly in contact with the general public. Protect everyone involved with a sanitary layer of nitrile gloves from SafeWear, and from a haircut through a pedicure, your business is protected.


Cannabis and CBD Processing

Marijuana legalization has opened up exciting new industries and lucrative opportunities. Developing CBD and other healthcare products from plants requires sterile handling in every situation: a perfect use of SafeWear’s disposable gloves.


Dental Offices

From simple, routine cleanings to extensive bridgework, all dental procedures need disposable gloves as a means of safety and hygiene. SafeWear’s gloves give dentists an affordable, simple solution to protect staff and patients alike.

auto worker gloved

Automotive/Industrial Centers

From a stance of both cleanliness and safety, disposable nitrile gloves make perfect sense in automotive and industrial centers. Protect employee hands from harsh chemicals, lubricants and oils with SafeWear’s slip-on comfort.

tattoo gloves

Tattoo Parlors

Tattoos in general are becoming more prevalent every day, and part of their creation is a super-sterile setting. SafeWear’s disposable nitrile gloves are the pick of tattoo artists who are actively out there inking it up every day.