Your source for superior quality disposable gloves and can liners.

SafeWear Gloves offer high quality nitrile and vinyl disposable gloves and can liners at discount prices in bulk for the B2B community.

Handling Medicine & Food

Pharmacies, medical offices and restaurants all rely on a constant supply of safe, reliable and affordable disposable gloves.

Airlines, Papermills & Industry

We supply large scale industrial businesses with glove solutions they can depend on.

Hair Salons, Spas & Barbers

Anyone routinely in-touch with the general public will appreciate well fit, disposable gloves at the ready.


Different Gloves for Every Use

Nitrile, Vinyl, and TPE options in multiple colorways and weights, you can assign the perfect glove for every professional application.

Protection for Many Industries

Since the pandemic, even more businesses are ready to protect their customers against potential infection and bacterial spreading.


Domestic Shipping Options

Fulfill your order immediately, and keep business flowing. Our shipping teams are eager and ready to serve your needs.



SafeWear Gloves